JJ's Puppy Rescue Association We Do It All 4 The Puppies

Registered Charity No 8.714/1

A group of people and supporters dedicated to the welfare of stray
and abandoned puppies in the Mazarrn area
(Mazarrn is in the Region of Murcia in the south east of Spain)

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JJs Puppy Rescue Association has been a Spanish Registered Charity since March 2007 with a Management Committee, Association Members, Volunteer Helpers and Foster Carers.

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If you are looking to home, foster or sponsor a dog .. go to Our Puppies & Dogs
JJs Puppy Rescue Association has over 30 puppies and adult dogs in need of a loving home.
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To get to know us and to find out how we work ... go to About us

To see how many dogs have enjoyed our help and have been safely re-homed, both here
and abroad check out 
Re-homed  or  Re-homed abroad

If you have a dog that needs a home or you have lost a puppy or dog ... go to
Other Pups where we place advertising for those situations

We have a Charity Shop in Puerto de Mazarron which is located near the Arbol Supermarket. Check out Our Shop

To find out how you can help please check out the other pages.

           100%  DONATION DEAL
JJs Puppy Rescue Association is dependent upon public donations to raise funds for the care and veterinary treatment of abandoned puppies we rescue. In return for public generosity we as a Registered Charity unreservedly guarantee 100% of the money received from the sale of donated items in our Charity Shop goes into the funds to rescue and care for abandoned puppies. Our customers are given cash register receipts for every purchase. The Charity Shop Staff and Committee are all Association Members who give their time entirely voluntarily without payment or remuneration for their dedicated work with JJs Puppy Rescue Association. 


TONY 618 034 921 - JOHN 603 258 156
RICHARD 699 243 370

Home page | About us  |  Our Puppies & Dogs  |  Re-homed  |  Re-homed abroad

Other Pups  |  Our  Vets |  Our Shop  |  Items for Sale  |  Fundraising Events  |  Contact us



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Any of these can help
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On average a rescued pup or adult dog in the first 6 months costs around 500 euros for treatments, sterilization, chip and food and kennelling.
At times we have to refuse a rescue as we don't have the funds to take in the distressed animal. This affects every member of JJ's as we are all dog lovers BUT lack of funds and help means, no treatment and no place to go.
Simply if 500 people give just 1 Euro a month, that is one more dog saved. Times are hard but 1 Euro? That is just one cup of coffee a month.


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