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100% donation deal

JJ’s Puppy Rescue Association is dependent upon public donations to raise funds for the care and veterinary treatment of abandoned puppies we rescue. In return for public generosity we as a Registered Charity unreservedly guarantee 100% of the money received from the sale of donated items in our Charity Shop goes into the funds to rescue and care for abandoned puppies. Our customers are given cash register receipts for every purchase. The Charity Shop Staff and Committee are all Association Members who give their time entirely voluntarily without payment or remuneration for their dedicated work with JJ’s Puppy Rescue Association. 


If you are looking to home, foster or sponsor a dog .. go to Our Puppies & Dogs
JJ’s Puppy Rescue Association has over 30 puppies and adult dogs in need of a loving home.
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To see how many dogs have enjoyed our help and have been safely re-homed, both here
and abroad check out  Re-homed  or  Re-homed abroad

If you have a dog that needs a home or you have lost a puppy or dog … go to
Other Pups where we place advertising for those situations


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Any of these can help to save a dogs life!!




 These are the puppies and dogs currently in our care …
all waiting for new homes



A selection of the many puppies that have gone to new homes here in Spain
Our heartfelt thanks to all the good people who have given these dogs a new life



We are lucky to work with two local vets. Happy Vets which is located on Camposol B and the other one in Port De Mazarron